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Welcome to AHASFV!  

 We have had a jam packed 2023 and it's not done yet!  Please check out our Facebook group for current activities and updates.

As we roll out of summer, we are gearing up for club board elections in October.  If you have interest in running to be a director, please contact us to throw your name in the hat this September.  In the next few months we will also be working on our plans for 2024.  Now is the time to hit us up with your ideas!  We look for something new and creative to offer our club members every year.

Please consider joining us for another fantastic year.  We are the largest and most active club in Region 2 and we have members from all over that have joined because of our many activities and our low AHA club affilitate dues.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Meaghan Shaffer
AHASFV President



AHASFV Mission Statement

The Arabian Horse Association of the San Fernando Valley is committed to bringing together people interested in advancing and promoting the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse by conducting, encouraging, and aiding exhibits or shows, clinics, and trail rides, and to cooperate with other organizations to improve general equestrian activities.