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JULY / AUG 2015

Dear AHASFV Members, Social Members and Friends,

A unique thing about horses is their ability to bring you into the now as they are a part of nature. When you are on the trail you get to relax and enjoy the scenery. When riding for competition you are only focused on yourself and your horse. You are not thinking about the stressors of your life. You are, hopefully, totally enjoying the moment. This is one of the many reasons I believe that horses have a great value to the modern world.

Welcome to the AHASFV!!!

Please find within our site many of the activities we hold dear and links to many others: ahasfv.org & Event Page info

• Membership: Members of AHASFV join for free, whether you are a social member or competing member. The fees you pay give you voting and AHA competition status. There is a link for the AHA membership page if you need to update your info or renew on the AHA ArabianHorses.org website. Click here…

• If you would like an overview of our club, please see the wonderful article by Past President Meaghan Shaffer:

• Our August 2nd show has been postponed and a new date will be announced in a few weeks.  We have a firm date for the show for October 18th.

• Our youth are very active and successful! Please visit our Youth News Section.

• Volunteers and well trained horses needed now for the Special Olympics.

Welcome to our Equine Community!!!

Hope to see you soon,
Teri Gonzalez Reichman, AHASFV President 2015

AHASFV Mission Statement

The Arabian Horse Association of the San Fernando Valley is committed to bringing together people interested in advancing and promoting the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse by conducting, encouraging, and aiding exhibits or shows, clinics, and trail rides, and to cooperate with other organizations to improve general equestrian activities.