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Welcome to our Equine Community!!!

To: AHASFV Members, Social Members and Friends
From: Ann Marie Rossi, President  

2017 has been a busy year for AHASFV. It has been my goal this year to promote the Arabian breed to the public and change the perception of the crazy Arabian. We started with a booth at ” Make Your Horse Count day” in Sylmar in May. I recently received Certificates of Recognition from The City of Los Angeles and California State Assembly for our participation. Our next booth was in June  at the “Day of the Horse” in Thousand Oaks.

AHA supplied us with Arabian promotional brochures as well as coloring pages for our booths. Thank you to Dorann LaPerch and Justine Rose for exhibiting a Half Arabian costume horse and members Toni Wessell, Karen McClay,  Linda Stoner, Meaghan Schaffer, Jacki Thacker for educating the public and sharing their love of Arabians.

Stepping Stones Riding Program and Meaghan Schaffer assisted in exposing hundreds of YMCA campers and Girl Scouts to riding Arabians. I spent an afternoon talking to campers about our beautiful horses and coloring  Native Costume horses. Many kids had never heard of the Black Stallion books or movie.

I know AHA had a reading program with books and a live Black Stallion. I will be looking into this  at  Convention this year .  If you would like to help with any of these events next year we would love to have new blood. 

Due to our efforts we are one of three clubs in the running for AHA National Club Promotion award. Our youth have been busy studying and fundraising for our Hippology and Youth Judging Teams. It was Fun to assist in putting together classes for the Judging Competition.

Thank you to Leonard Robinson, Jack and Judy Humes for presenting Mare halter. Jim Lowe and Tammy Burkman for performance classes, Jill Kramer for riding.

Our Youth leave for Tulsa in a few weeks, wish them luck. A Special Thank you to Meaghan Schaffer who works tirelessly to educate our team. Drive them to clinics , study sessions arrange testing and fundraising.

Our next show is our Nov. 5 Fun Day Halloween Show.  Adult Leadline was a riot last year. This is a major fundraiser for our youth. The newest endeavor is to join Southern Cal Half Arabian and Purebred Club in a joint Class A show in Jan at LAEC. REGION 1 AND 2 double header show.  Many Clubs are folding due to lack of participation, please consider coming out to meet us Nov 5.

Ann Marie Rossi

AHASFV President 2018

AHASFV Mission Statement

The Arabian Horse Association of the San Fernando Valley is committed to bringing together people interested in advancing and promoting the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse by conducting, encouraging, and aiding exhibits or shows, clinics, and trail rides, and to cooperate with other organizations to improve general equestrian activities.